Painting Your Home

Painting your home is a big investment, make sure you get approvals prior to any work being done!  Home owners must get approval on paint colors to proceed, please give yourself enough time and ensure you follow the process prior to the work starting.


  1. Exterior colors that, in the opinion of the Committee, would be inharmonious, discordant and/or incongruous to the community shall not be permitted.
  2. Fascia, soffits and trim shall be a Committee approved complementary color to the dominant wall color.
  3. Shutters may be the same color as the walls, trim or an approved contrasting color.
  4. Garage doors shall be painted a Committee approved complementary color to the dominant wall color.
  5. Front door, if other than the trim or shutter color, shall be reviewed and considered by the Committee for appropriateness.
  6. The Committee may establish a list of pre-approved colors. Colors may be chosen from those pre-approved. Otherwise, it will be necessary to submit manufacturer’s color chips with the application for review. Colors should be in the same family of colors as pre-approved ones.
  7. The combination of colors requested for exterior walls and trim must be different from those of adjacent homes.
[box type=”warning”] IMPORTANT: Architectural Approval Requests are still required if you are painting your home the SAME color.[/box]


You must follow these 6 steps:

  1. Download the Architectural form  from the box below.
  2. Complete Three (3) original sets:
    • ​One for the Master Association
    • One for our Association
    • One for your records once approved & signed
  3. Submit paint samples with each of the three forms.  Submit at least two choices of color schemes, indicating your first and second choice.
  4. Mail to the address noted on the form.
  5. On the side of your home, paint a sample of each – the house, trim. doors and garage colors you submitted, labeling each color by name.
  6. These samples will be reviewed by the Association within a week of submission of your forms.



REMEMBER: Your colors must take into account the color of your roof. Avoid delays and make sure your color selections go with the roof color of your home!



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