Important documents described below can be downloaded and printed for your convenience.  We highly recommend that you read and become familiar with them since they describe the rules by which our community is governed.

1.Architectural Approval Form

This form is required for any exterior change or addition to your home; for example, paint, fence, pool, doors. You must complete two (2) original sets and mail to the address indicated on the form.  No work can begin until these forms have been received and approved by the Association.

2. Weitzer Documents 

These are the community rules jwhich you have agreed to when you purchased your home.  If you have recently purchased your home and do not have these documents, this is the best way for you to print a copy for your records.

3. Weitzer Recorded Amended Documents 

Very important document that outlines updates and new rules and regulations.

* If you are renting your property you must review the rules with your renter since they must comply with the rules and regulations of the community as well. You must notify the Management Company prior to renting, a copy of the lease must be submitted also.

4. Fees

There are two Home Owners Association fees, one is for the Chapel Trail Master HOA, who is responsible for the public and common areas outside our community. That fee is currently $295.00 paid quarterly.  The second fee is for our community, the Chapel Trail Estates/Weitzer HOA fee, currently $82.50 also paid quarterly. For additional information regarding payments, please contact our maintenance company (see contact information below).

Garbage Service

Garbage pick up for our community is Mondays and Thursdays.

On Mondays regular Garbage only -( Green City Bins)

On Thursdays Both regular garbage and Recycle(Blue City Bins) 

Bulk Pickup

Bulk Garbage twice a month.

First and Third Thursday of each month.

Make sure you set your bulk out the night before not sooner!  No glass tables, mirrors or doors.  It must be broken and placed in a box.

Chapel Trail Estates

Top 10 Violations

  1. Weeds  in driveways and landscape beds
  2. Bulk garbage being put out on the wrong dates for pick up
  3. Clean sidewalk & driveway
  4. Dirty  roof
  5. Cut and maintain lawn on a regular basis
  6. Garbage cans improperly stored
  7. Home painted without color/trim approval
  8. Cars parked on the street for more than 24 hours
  9. Mail boxes not maintained / painted white
  10. Guest cars parked incorrectly on the street/lawns
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